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True Love Essay

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We all need love in some shape or form and most of the time it drives us to do things we may not have done before. Love is a bond that we have with people around us and this is why it motivates us to do different things. If you look at love in a relationship form we have one person we really care for and want to be with for the rest of our life and do just about anything for, but that’s not the only form of love that affects us in our daily lives. We hold a different form of love for our friends and for our family.

The main reason we usually do the things we do for people is because of love. Love is the main motivator for people’s actions whether it’s romantic love, friendship or family love. For better or worse, love is a powerful motivator. There are three different kinds of love. The first is romantic love. Romantic love can be both a negative and positive motivator. Remember the excitement and energy you felt when you fell in love? You are motivated to clean your living space so that special person will have a positive impression when he or she sees it.

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You are motivated to change a disagreeable habit so that you feel like you are worthy of a relationship with them. Love, like many other positive emotions can make you change- even though it may not always be for the best. In fact, love romantic love is a two headed monster. However, love is sometimes a negative motivator. Think about all the people who first adopted a bad habit, or risky behavior while under the spell of a new boyfriend or girlfriend, to please, tease, get accepted by, or get closer to a special someone.

Of course this kind of love is not true love. It’s fool’s gold, because it makes you forget who you truly are, and what really matters to you. This love can hurt you. In the play, “Twelfth Night”, we see that love can motivate you to do many things. We see this when Malvolio falls for Olivia after receiving a letter which he believes is from Olivia expressing her love, then dresses up in the foolish outfit, because he wants Olivia to love him too. The feeling of love is experienced all throughout our lives. When we are babies, we need our mothers love and affection.

If we do not receive it, we wither like flowers lacking water. The same happens to elderly people when they are neglected by their children and/or loved ones. Being cared for is what makes you feel “wanted”, and is what makes you aware of your value as a human being. We should be aware of our value independently. However, in our society we are taught that we need the appreciation or acknowledgement of others in order to feel good about ourselves. Being human is what makes us vulnerable to indifference and rejection.

Without feeling loved or cared for, it may bring a person to lose hope and even the will to continue living. True love is hard to find, but once found must be cherished. True love is consistent with your values and goals. True love expands your sense of self and helps you function in this world. True love doesn’t just happen, it takes time and nurturing. True love is something we should all strive to find. True love doesn’t just mean romantic love it can mean the love for a child, friend or family member also.

True love should make you change for the better, and should make you grow as a person. True love is usually a positive motivator. However this may not always be the case. It is usually a positive motivator because when in love, you want to be a better person. We want that person to see us as worthy enough to be with them. True love may also motivate us negatively. Sometimes you are so in love that nothing matters but that one person. Your world begins to revolve around them; everything you do and think about seems to be just them.

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